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Best Memory Foam Mattress 2017

Have you made up your mind that you are getting a quality memory foam mattress? Congratulations, this is a wise choice as you are choosing one of the most popular and comfortable materials when it comes to mattresses that help you sleep like a baby. So much so that even more traditional mattress manufacturers who produce innerspring mattresses now extend their business line to include this type of mattress.

Companies like Sealy who released Cocoon mattress (Is it deserve buying? reference Cocoon mattress review), have come to realize this is a great market with an increasing interest as more and more people choose memory foam mattress as their first choice.

Nevertheless, there are different elements to consider before deciding on the best memory mattress for you.

Luckily, we are here to help you with this mattress buying guide and unbiased mattress reviews to get insights into all you need to know before proceeding to your buy.

If you are in a hurry, avena foam is the best mattress for you.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

So, what does memory foam mattress really mean? Since it hasn’t been around for that long, it is reasonable to ask yourself this question when you commit to a mattress purchase. In simple terms, a memory foam mattress is manufactured using viscoelastic foam and typically consists of a three layered design.

The top “comfort layer” is made of special materials which mold to the body shape when it comes in contact with body heat, relieving from any pressure.

The second layer is referred to as the “support layer”. This is more rigid so that the overall shape of the mattress remains the same while it also supports the softer and thinner comfort layer.

Finally, the third layer is the “base layer”. This bottom platform supports the other two layers and most commonly is the thickest and most rigid of all layers.